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March 16, 2012
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Miku Dreamscene by Fujiwara92 Miku Dreamscene by Fujiwara92

Update 2: If you have problem with the Dreamscene.exe file, complaining about admin rights, then use this instead [link]

Update: Added the fonts to the .rar file

Here's a Rainmeter theme by request from ~cjtaba1 ^^
I'ts a Hatsune Miku Dreamscene theme with very basic meters

It was my first time using Dreamscene but I think it turned out pretty OK ^^ Shame that I can't tilt the texts like I want tough >.>

To use Dreamscene for Windows 7, run the .exe file in the rar, and when that is done you should be able to right click on the .wmv file and select "Set as background"

Here's the functions, I MAY update it with more meters and make it look better but, we'll see =)

*CPU Bar
*3 HDD Bars
*Media Control for Winamp and WMP
*Digital Clock
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anyone know why winamp wont sync with the winamp display thingy?
how to display cpu bar 3 hdd bars md contrl and digital clock in 

((  ^  ,^)//''' nyoooo
It's not a fixed theme, any new meters activated will be located in the upper left corner. You may have to drag them to the correct place manually =/
My dreamscene thing is activated you ape so please don't give a link to get the dreamscene activator. I would not ******* be here if I did not have it activated
I have 20 other Dream Scenes on my pc yet this one still says I need to run it with admin rights. I went to the link and downloaded the stupid thing again and I was not surpised at all to see that mine was NOT faulty so pray explain to me how to make it work please :)
First of all that attitude on your first post is not necessary, you want help then don't talk like that. Most people don't appreciate it. As for why it wont work, I have no idea. Had another Dreamscene wich didn't work, downloaded the one from the link and it worked. That was the only time I used Dreamscene, so since you apparently know more about it than me, can't help you.
urozaaa Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
someone teach me how to install the rainmetertheme facebook:…
i can ruun the .exe file it always says "you must run this file with admin rights" and after running it with admin rights..  i still get the same message
Same problem with me.
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